Good news – you have a purchase order and everything seems great!

Bad news – you don’t have the funding to successfully deliver on your purchase order

What do you do? That’s where the People’s Fund comes in.

In this article, we will take you through the requirements and user journey of successfully applying for funding:


Having a valid PO (purchase order) is the first step to getting funded – we have an article (link) that breaks down what a PO is in greater detail. 

Once a business has a valid PO, it needs to meet the following requirements:

  1. Your business is at least 51% black-owned and 
  2. You require R1 million or less in capital
  3. You have worked with the client before (in the past 12-months) *
  4. Your project can be completed in 60 days or less
  5. You have a minimum of 20% gross profit margin on your project

* We fund first-timers on the basis that you’re working with a client on our preferred client list which can be found here:


Common queries we receive are based on the fees charged and how they are calculated? At TPF we do not charge interest, We have a facilitation fee that starts from 6% of the total purchase order value (plus VAT). If your total purchase order value is R50 000 or less, then we charge a standard fee of R3 000 (plus VAT). NB – the 6% is only applicable if your project has the following: 30% profit margin and a low-risk profile 


The following factors contribute to the risk profile of a project:

• Length of project 

• Experience of entrepreneur (have you done a PO before) 

• Client & supplier/s  

• Complexity of project 

Length of project – We crowdfund the capital we use to fund POs and in order to maintain our historic returns for the investors and the crowd, we need to keep cycling their money in our system. The longer the project, the less projects we can fund and that not only impacts the crowd but also the other entrepreneurs waiting for their POs to be funded. 

Experience of entrepreneur – the more experience an entrepreneur has in POs, the lower the risk as they are aware of what needs to be delivered, how to invoice and how to follow up on payments

Clients & supplier/s – repeat clients and supplier/s help lower the risk profile of the project

Complexity of project – the greater the complexity of your project, the greater the risk profile. Construction is a great example of this, We do however fund small-scale construction projects like renovations such as installing doors, ceilings, tiles etc. 


Now that your PO is valid and you meet all the requirements, you can apply for funding here –

Our application only takes 5 minutes and you can get funded in 2 – 5 days. Avoid tedious paperwork so you can focus on delivering POs and growing your business. We have a dedicated team who will walk you through all the steps once you’ve applied which will help put your mind at ease.

So, what are you waiting for? Get funded today. 

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